PE Konsult Ltd. is training and consulting company that was founded in 1996. In our work, we combine theoretical view with American pragmatism and European modern approach.

Nearly 18 000 customers have chosen our training programs and courses during the past twenty years. Since 2007, we offer our customers offer a wide range of scientifically validated psychometric tests via Internet. Today, more than 50,000 clients have used the possibility of testing. The tests are used for different purposes – by person’ for better understanding their own basic personality dimensions or for intra-organizational field studies or for personnel selection for vacant jobs or for talent management.

We offer the following services:
Job (work) analysis and descriptions
Competence-based study programs, post-master's programs for various professionals with focus on “soft skills internship coaching for EuroPsy applicants
Digital Teaching Tools
Stress Clinic services
Quality of Life Centre services
Psychometric tests for personnel field studies and for personnel selection

Our position on the testing describes well following:
Whatever exists at all exists in some amount
(Edward L. Thorndike, 1918)
Anything that exists in amount can be measured
(William A. McCall, 1939)
Finding the solution is easy; it's identifying the problem that's difficult (Albert Einstein)

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