The whole course (100% lectures) is available via Internet as Digital Teaching Tools.

Each Digital Teaching Tool consists of:
• a video-based lecture (Flash Player, if you do not have this software, Digital Teaching Tool offer it automatically version free of charge)
• the slides shown during the lecture (PDF format, Digital Teaching Tool offer it automatically Acrobat Reader version free of charge)
• some written material for student reading and student self-tests
• a MP3 audio version of the lecture (MP3 format)

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1st Lecture - The Selection Interview

• Who uses what?
• Value of good recruits
• Interrogating job ads
• Are you ready to take your career?
• Validity of methods
• Validity in selection
• Face and content validity
• Construct validity
• Criterion validity
• Structure in interviews
• Content in interviews
• Who gets a job and why?
• What influences an interviewer's decision?
• Successful candidates
• Giving better interviews
• Key challenges for interviews
• Rational decisions
• Individual differences
• Mutual dishonesty

Principal Lecturer Mark Holloway

Chartered Occupational Psychologist who is responsible for postgraduate programmes in Occupational and Business Psychology