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1st Lecture - Conceptualization and prevention of human error in safety critical systems

• Why is "error" of interest to Organizational Psychology; A challenge for our position;

1. Contextual issues,
2. History - in brief,
3. Conceptual issues - Error implies "blame", Blame, Emerging themes,
4. generic models - Models of Error, Slips vs. mistakes, Omission vs. commission, Skill, rule, knowledge based errors, Generic Error Modelling System (after Reason, 1990), Swiss Cheese, Human reliability assessment (HRA), Simple HRA, System and task analysis, Evaluation of these models;
5. Prevention: Error / prevention, What can be done to mitigate "error" (general), Automation.

Chartered Occupational Psychologist Donald Ridley

Chartered Occupational Psychologist, International Officer (Psychology)
School of Psychology, University of East London, UK