Our mission is to promote employee’ personal and professional success by providing the academic knowledge and evidence-based practice. PE Konsult offers competence-based study programs for various professionals focusing on so-called “soft skills” since 1996. Also, there are available the post-master's programs in the field of work and organizational psychology including managerial psychology, personnel psychology, engineering psychology, cyber-psychology, techno-psychology etc., and paying attention the more specific issues like psychosocial factors at work, occupational stress, coping with stress, quality of working life, new industrial relations etc. All study programs are short-time courses (from 7 to 14 academic hours), with the focus on single topic or specific problem, and specially designed for our clients.

In 2017, PE Konsult starts to provide internship coaching for EuroPsy applicants (EuroPsy Certificate is offered by European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, EFPA).

As an Elected Member of Standing Committee for Work and Organizational Psychology in EFPA, Estonian representative in European Network of Work and Organizational Psychology professors (ENOP), and Member of European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) Constituents Board, owning professorship in TUT and University of Silesia, Professor Mare Teichmann personally attends or consults the development of each study program in PE Konsult.

Professor Mare Teichmann
Mobiil: (+372) 5087510
Skype: mare.teichmann