Occupational stress is definited as the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physiological reaction to aversive and noxious aspects of work, work environments and work organizations. It is a state characterized by high levels of arousal and distress and often by feelings of npt coping. Stress at work caused by a multitude of stressors (European Commission, 1999). More information about stress: Stress at work .

PE Konsult has been engaged with occupational stress studies among various professionals e.g. managers, teachers, nurses, lawyers, bookkeepers, public administrators etc., as well the stress management trainings in past 20 years.

By study of the job search site CareerCast (2016) the most stressful occupations are military personnel, surgeon, firefighter, commercial airline pilot, police officer, registered nurse, emergency dispatcher, newspaper reporter, social worker, teacher.

Cost of work-related stress is high between 5 - 10 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (Cooper, 2006). Moreover, all this can result in a great deal of - largely preventable human suffering and reduces performance.

Our Stress Clinic is focusing attention on reduce the adverse effects of stress and better coping with stress. In our work we follow the three-level model for stress intervention developed by Professor Cary L. Cooper (2011): Primary Dealing with the stressors; Secondary Helping people to cope; Tertiary Picking people back up.

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