Managerial Psychology
in Work and Organizational Psychology
(HHP9110; 4,0 ECTS)

1. Lecture

Lecture 1- INTRODUCTION • Introduction to Managerial Psychology. What does “Managerial Psychology” mean? Challenges and changes for organizations. Organizational effectiveness. Traditional Vs. new management. Organizational Design: From Mechanical System to Natural System design.

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Lecture 2- LEADERSHIP • What does “leadership” mean? Review of previous literature: Old and modern study of leadership. Theories of leadership. Influence of leaders in groups and vice-versa. Concept of “E-Leadership”. Culture and leadership as two related phenomena.

3. Lecture

Lecture 3- ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE • Definition of Organizational Culture (OC). Theories: Schein, Hofstede and Denison. Factors affecting OC. Importance of OC. Promotion of OC in organizations.

4. Lecture

Lecture 4- DECISION-MAKING • Definition of DM and types of decisions. Individual and organizational decision-making. Cognitive biases in DM. Individual vs. Team DM. Decision-Making techniques in teams. How to perform a good brainstorming.

5. Lecture

Lecture 5- TIME MANAGEMENT • Definition of TM. Why TM is so important? Keys to the efficient use of time: Planning and Scheduling. Time thugs: Interruptions. Assertiveness and Delegation as important tools for correct TM.

6. Lecture

Lecture 6- CHANGE MANAGEMENT • Understanding change: Definition of Change Management. Taxonomies. Causes and contexts of change. Models of change: Lewin’s, Kotter’s and ADKAR model.
• How organizations lead change nowadays? Strategic types of change: 1) Technology, 2) Product and Services, 3) Strategy and Structure, 4) Culture.

7. Lecture

Lecture 7- WORK MOTIVATION • Definition of Work Motivation. Theories of WM. Applied tips: How to motivate employees? Internal motivators vs. External motivators.

8. Lecture

Lecture 8- WORK STRESS • Understanding Stress. Stimulus Vs Response approach (Stressors and reactions). Work Stress theories: Person-Environment fit, Job demand-control model, Vitamin model. Individual and organizational resources. Stress & Performance. Stress interventions. Eustress Vs Distress. Stress management strategies.

9. Lecture

Lecture 9- TEAMWORK • What is Teamwork? Team formation, socialization and development. Team effective performance. Improvement in team performance: Interventions and applications